TLC Connections – Pastor’s Letter – June 6, 2021

I came across a very apt title for a sermon this past week. “A Sermon to Remember”! I  smiled when I saw it because shouldn’t every sermon be memorable?  Yet the sad truth is we often struggle to remember the message (even though in the moment we may have been stirred, fed, encouraged, offput, challenged, you fill in the ________). Why is that?

There can be many reasons, perhaps the delivery style or a dearth of content. Maybe the application was lacking or there was too much Greek, and we did not understand a word. It may have been too heavy on the Law, and we are beaten down beyond recall or so full of ‘skittles and gummy bears’ we leave on a sugar high and can’t remember anything!  Honesty allows that sometimes we come to worship unprepared to engage or with our minds already made up or our hearts far from open. There can also be those days when we have listened intently desiring to learn and to praise God but our memory fades as the cares of our daily lives intrude and invade our thoughts.

As a preacher I must own up to the fact that some messages are more memorable than others.  I am sure you can add a few reasons of your own. The post-modern world in which we live is a very ‘visual’ world and so our auditory capabilities are not what they used to be in former generations. Yet God’s word is still to be ‘preached’ and ‘heard’. Consider Romans 10:14, “But how are they to call on one in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in one of whom they have never heard?” Please join me in a humble prayer of thanksgiving for God’s promise that His Word does not return empty but accomplishes His purposes. The Holy Spirit works through the Word to grow our faith even despite ourselves on occasion. This is one of the best reasons for being in worship no matter what is going on in your life! We are back to 15% so please come in person – we will make room in the Inn! On-line service continues as well.

The secure promises of our God are very evident in this Sunday’s Scripture, and I invite you to take time to read the full passages before we gather. In Genesis 3:15 the ‘First Gospel’ is proclaimed and speaks volumes to the character of our gracious God. In Mark’s gospel Jesus declares that ‘whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.’ It is a promise of family that transcends human relationship. And Paul’s words for the church in Corinth, and for us today, are filled with God’s promises! I will focus there. I ask you to pray on the following questions in preparation,

  1. What does it mean for you to look ‘not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen?’ What is your ‘LENS’?
  2. How do you know that your ‘outer nature is wasting away’? What do you consider to be the ‘momentary afflictions’ you are facing right now?
  3. Are you a ‘tip-toer’ or a ‘flat-footer” when it comes to walking with Christ?

I pray this Sunday’s sermon will be ‘one to remember’! I know God will use it for what He purposes. Let us worship well together in Jesus’ name, Pastor Maggie

Pastor Maggie Theiss currently serves as Lead Pastor at Trinity. Maggie takes great joy in writing worship resources and bible studies for youth and adults, being a kid at Vacation Bible School, storytelling ANYTIME, leading worship and preaching the Word of God. In the last few years she has been able to realize a few life dreams – riding a camel and whale watching on the Pacific Northwest coastline. Maggie first dreamed of being a pastor at around 5 years of age, that dream has come true by the grace of God and she wonders what holy surprises God has in store for the coming years!

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