TLC Connections – Pastor’s Letter – June 20,2021

“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and parents are the pride of their children”. – Proverbs 17:6

Heads up for any who might have forgotten that this Sunday is Father’s Day! I urge you to give honour first to your heavenly Father by gathering to lift your praise and thanksgiving in worship. For what do we lift our praise and thanksgiving? For the beauty and awe of God’s marvelous creation. For the wonder and strength of relationships. For the purpose given us in meaningful labour. For the joy of learning and discovering gifts we have been given. For __________, you fill in the blank. For our heavenly Father’s protection, provision, and most of all for His grace and love in the gift of forgiveness and life found in Christ alone!

Are you are still blessed by the presence of a father, stepfather, or grandfather, in your life? If you are, please pray about making the time to ask one or more of these men to answer the following questions. You might even want to videotape them. (Grandkids could be all over this making it a treasured memory in years to come.)

  1. What are your favourite memories spent with your own grandfather/father?
  2. Tell me about your time in grade school. Who was your favourite teacher? Favourite subject? What games did you play at recess?
  3. From your childhood who was your best friend? Tell me what you enjoyed most about being with them. Are you still friends today?
  4. When did you first ‘fall in love’? With whom? Did you marry her?
  5. Tell me about a time that you got in ‘trouble’ growing up?
  6. What did you dream of being when you were a little kid? Did it happen?
  7. If you could have a ‘do-over’ in your life – what would it be about?
  8. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do in your life?
  9. Where is the most interesting place you have ever visited/travelled to?
  10. What is still on your bucket list?

If they are a Christian be sure to ask the ‘bless me on my faith journey questions’, 

Ask what do you pray about?  Do you have a favourite Bible Story?

What do you want me most to know about God?

What a treasure to spend time with these men in a meaningful way that will be a blessing for generations yet to come. May you be blessed as you prepare your hearts and minds to come and worship the Lord our God together! See you Sunday, Pastor Maggie

Pastor Maggie Theiss currently serves as Lead Pastor at Trinity. Maggie takes great joy in writing worship resources and bible studies for youth and adults, being a kid at Vacation Bible School, storytelling ANYTIME, leading worship and preaching the Word of God. In the last few years she has been able to realize a few life dreams – riding a camel and whale watching on the Pacific Northwest coastline. Maggie first dreamed of being a pastor at around 5 years of age, that dream has come true by the grace of God and she wonders what holy surprises God has in store for the coming years!

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