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Welcome to our blog.

Here find messages from our pastor, insights on recent sermons and more!

Latest from the Blog

June 2023 Trinity Times Pastor’s Letter

Do you have a favorite poet, poem, composer, author, or artist? I am always amazed at the images, even words of Scripture that surface in music, poetry, and the creative Arts. I wonder if this imagery is always intended or if the Holy Spirit simply blows where He will which is usually where there are…

TLC Connections Pastor’s Letter Pentecost 2023

“I will pour out my Spirit on all people” Joel 2:28 God keeps His promises and Pentecost is the fulfillment of the promise God gave to give His Holy Spirit radically. Pentecost Sunday is awash with red, from the altar cloths, banners, and flowers to the people wearing red. (So please wear some red this…

TLC Connections Letter for May 21, 2023

We read and hear about the old testament scriptures, the life of Christ, and the beginning of the Christian Church with a bird’s eye view. When we celebrate Christmas, we are extra joyful, knowing that the baby born is our Messiah, who will be crucified and raised from the dead. When we hear about the…

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